Pump It Up XX

Meet you Pump it Up XX TO!

Hi, I'm John. I go by Litenang and hail from northern VA. I'm a dance game fan, and I love to play Co-Ops and routines from Pump It Up. I dabble in every rhythm game, and have quite the collection at home. I also run the monthly DDR and PIU tournaments at the Cave in Fairfax, VA. I'm always on the hunt to play some Museca. Outside of rhythm games, I also like Tetris, Panel De Pon, and any platformers. I'm super social and love meeting new people. Please come talk to me!

Pump It Up XX Tournament Rules

Base rules:

  • All play will be on Normal Judgment (NJ)

  • Only Speed, AV, Noteskins, and Display mods are allowed

  • Any attempt to unfairly impact the game is subject to TO discretion for disqualification.

  • Pad error is subject to TO discretion.

  • Calls for pairing will be made as early as possible. Entrants that are late for their respective matches without letting the TO know are subject to disqualification as per TO's discretion.

Tiebreaker rules:

In the event of an identical score, tiebreakers will proceed as follows, with priority to the highest bullets on this list:

  • Stage pass

  • Higher perfect count

  • Lower miss count

In the event that all these are the same (such as the case of a SSS), the result will end in a "win" for both players. For a Bo3, first to 2 wins. Bo5, first to 3 wins.

In the event of a 2-2 tie or a 3-3 tie, another 3 songs will be drawn, with the higher seed vetoing first.

Draw format:

7 songs will be drawn

higher seed can choose side or first/second to pick and veto

Protect/Veto goes in order:

  • 1st protect

  • 2nd protect

  • 1st veto

  • 2nd veto

  • 1st veto

  • 2nd veto

All rounds up to Semi-Finals will be performed as Bo3. Losers finals and winners finals are Bo5, with a 9 song draw.